Vintage Babe!


When i think of Vintage, i think time! Over time things get better, over time things grow in value! I think of a period of when things were different then they are now. Happy times i wasn’t there for. My Grandmother on my dad’s side pasted before i got to meet her. I have a picture of her holding me when i was a newborn.

Stories have been told about her. She was loud and spunky. She was the Mother-hen, the mom-boss, the one who held it all together. All i have are stories and pictures of her smile, the strength in her posture. I wish i could sit and talk to you. I know you would be there for me and give me advice on life when i needed it, i know you’d make me eat all your amazing Mexican food and tell me stories about when you were younger growing up on a farm.

This blog post is dedicated to my Grandma Babe! Two looks in front of her house to remind me that your always with me, you never went anywhere!

Paisley Dress from: ShopGoldies on mainst Ventura ca. $53

Checkered bell sleevedtop from: TJMAXX $15

Black jean high waisted skirt: H&M $10

Suede lace up sandals: Charlottle Russe $28


#Ojaistrong #Thomasfire

It was a regular Tuesday morning on December 4th. The night before we heard there was a fire about 50 miles from us. I didn’t think it would get out of control so i went to bed.

When i woke up the next day i was in horror at what i saw…all around Ojai where fires! The sky was red with black clouds, the air was filled with smoke. When i walked out to the front of our home our neighbors were packing up their cars and homes to evacuate! At that moment shock took over. Seeing flames across the way, hills on fire and people leaving in a hurry.

We eventually left that day and headed up north! We decided to camp. IMG_20171205_195105_593

We stayed in Carp. St beach camp grounds for a day. Everything seemed fine until around 12am we awoke to ash falling all around us and heard the fire was headed our way once again!

We left but this time we decided to head south into the fire in hopes to get to what had already burnt instead of having the fire on our tails! I had never seen miles of flames covering mountains on both sides of the free way! Black smoke made it hard to breath or seen! I have never seen anything like it in my life!



Its been 14 days since and the fire is spreading up north! Im thankful our town was spared. Some of lost our homes but we are all united together to rebuild what was destroyed!

Driving back home after the fire i was choked up from seeing the damage but also the love…there were signs thanking the first responders and a quote ill never forget ” the love right now is thicker then the smoke in the air” brought tears to my eyes!

The ashes are settling and the town of ojai are picking up the pieces of our lives together, stronger as a community! Christmas never had more meaning! IMG_20171218_144409_103

My family and i are grateful beyond words to be home!IMG_20171217_090408_263.jpg

Make Ice Cream at home! Easy and Fun!

There’s nothing like having older cousins for your kids to grow up with! They will make life long memories that they will look back on and smile. There’s nothing more important then family and spending quality time with them! Today Kayley taught us how to make ice cream at home. It was so easy and fast, especially for a 3 and 4 year old! They helped and had a blast learning.

1cup half & half, 4 tbsp cane sugar, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, cocoa powder ( i used 1 pack nesquik! Put all that into a small ziplock bag.

Get a bigger ziplock bag and put in 6 cups of ice and 1/3 salt, mix it around til the ice is coated with salt. Then put smaller bag inside of your ice bag! Make sure its closed tightly and start to shake it until you see the ice cream start forming in the smaller bag!! Takes about 20 min!! Then serve with any toppings you like!





3 Easy Halloween Treats!🎃

Its that time of year when everyone is feeling festive…well almost everyone! Who else feels like every store decorates way to soon for the next holiday!? Can we at least enjoy one at a time and not in fast motion?! I literally went to a walmart and they had halloween stuff then across Xmas stuff …what!?😂

 When i didn’t have children i really didn’t get into Halloween spirit, i really didn’t like to dress up or be spooked! I guess you can say im a chicken😂🙊🐓 

After i had kids, its a whole other story. I try to make it fun for my girls as much as possible, while they are little and don’t think mommy is “annoying” yet! So for the whole month of october we dressed up in costumes and went to our local pumpkin patch at least 5 times. We live in southern california so we’ve been pretending its crisp and cool out! Its been rough since as i type this its 104° out!! 

To keep the festivities alive i made some treats that are fun and easy! Hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!👻


1)  Spider Deviled Eggs! Make deviled eggs and use black olives as a spider! Cut into spider shapes!

2) scary mouth sandwich! Its really two apple slices with peanut butter and place marshmallows as teeth!

3) Spooky banana ghosts! Cut banana in half and put chocolate chips in it to make a spooky face!


Business casual




We are living in 2017! This is a new generation of empowered women. Women who can hold down a job and raise children. Women who have taken their “hobby” “passions” and turned them into successful  businesses! All from the comfort of our homes! Our office can be at a playground on monday and a beach view on friday, over looking the little ones play! Yes we are not your typical old fashioned moms, we are innovators, designers, content creators ready to conquer the tech world in a whole new way, and we are doing it in style!


My Instagram looks!

I’ve been working on my Instagram content lately. I have been kind of neglecting my Blog! These are some of my summer looks! I’m starting a look book for fall very soon! life has taking some unexpected turns this year and I have tried my hardest to not let it stop my Style posts! What i’ve learned from this process is to keep doing what you love, don’t let unexpected inconveniences  stop you for your goal, keep pushing forward with passion and positivity!

Checkout my Instagram: @Unstoppably_stylish




Tropical vibes!

Spring is here and all i see are florals and very vibrant prints that are leaning toward warmer weather!

What better way to celebrate california weather then with a green banana leaf inspired dress?!

The Ojai valley Inn & spa was a perfect place to show case this beautiful dress.